Saturday, February 7, 2015

Back home in Traverse and travels along the way

Feb 7  Once receiving the prognosis of at least 5 more weeks of boat repair on or around Jan. 8, we took off for points north. Then after a very purposeful 3 days on the road to NJ, after dropping off new friend Cathy (her husband Tom aboard Bluetrust in Brunswick) at her home in Annapolis, to pick up the truck left there at the beginning of our coastal journey we then arrived home in Traverse City. Since then it’s been back to involvement as usual with the Traverse Symphony, Township Zoning issues, Maritime Heritage Alliance for Jay, and reconnecting with friends while we get some projects done. So far we painted a bathroom, re-grouted the Jacuzzi tub deck, had the wrought iron curtain rod in the Vineyard suite cleaned and recoated and had the 20 year old chairs in that room recovered, Jay pruned the entire Vineyard over two weeks in the cold, and laid plans for a new chicken coup. We have and enjoyed the extravagance of cooking with 6 burners and baking homemade bread after months of tuna helper and soup.

 The cats have been real troopers, and while all of us reacted to the cold winter air with sneezes little Patches really had a hard time. So back to our local and wonderful vet Dr. Dana for a chest xray to see how progressive it was with her heart issues. She now has a full- fledged murmur and then with increased Lasix and Flovent inhaler she got better over two weeks, but then began experiencing some weakness in her hindquarters. So we upped the blood thinners, increased prednisone, and added potassium and she now a week later is better than ever. What an amazingly strong kitty. But prior to that one of the more humorous moments on the first 12 hour day of the drive home occurred as we left Steak N Shake and Patches, trying to pee in her small cage litter box, squirted a bit of urine out through the cage door onto Cathy’s hamburger paper wrap. But another sailing trooper she wiped it up and on we traveled with Cindy in the back holding Patches so she could use the litter box on top of the cage more easily. Needless to say perhaps, but a funny image, it was a bit crowded in our mid-size (what was in days past a compact) rental with 3 adults, luggage, and 2 cat carriers.

 Just yesterday we received the anticipated news that the transmission was damaged and is in need of rebuilding, but with the indication that getting parts from Japan could take at best 3 weeks or more likely months; we opted for a brand new one in a week at just twice the cost. So our plans for the Bahamas are pretty much shot for this year, and depending on when the boat actually truly finally is ready to go we will decide on plans for the next two months before we reopen the inn.

  We also got a text that same day from our friends Craig and Mary Rosenburg with whom we were supposed to rendezvous on Elbow Cay Feb. 7th on our boat for 3 days, as they were enjoying a beer and trivia night at our favorite Hopetown haunt Captain Jacks.

  While there is no denying that this whole sequence of events has been a bit depressing to say the least as a major disappointment from our initial plans, even if we stopped right now it has been a unique wonderful adventure and we have met some interesting people.