Monday, January 5, 2015

The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Brunswick

As we were standing in line for the Haunted Mansion at DisneyWorld the day after Christmas (and yes that is singularly the worst day to go to this theme park as lines everywhere were 1 -2 hours) we received more bad news about the boat. When the final engine realignment was being made and new engine mounts installed it was discovered that the mounts could not be tightened due to a damaged stringer (for the non boaters that’s the piece of wood to which the engine is mounted), plus the propeller shaft was off center to the transmission coupler, meaning either a new coupler or complete transmission would need to be installed and of course everyone was still on vacation until after the New Year. The gist of all this is that we are looking at another month or so in Brunswick while the boat is again hauled out of the water, so we began the process of changing our mental outlook from one of stress release/escape to being in the moment and accepting of the fact that our winter plans will likely not include the Bahamas. So we might as well enjoy where we are.

 So for the last week we have hunkered down doing projects on the boat, which has never been so clean, and getting more immersed in just being in Brunswick. In our process to find long term accommodations once the boat is again hauled (because our budget for hotel/dockage is being blown out of the water already) we connected with the relatives of some of our very good friends in Traverse City, Bob and Nancy Brick. Bob’s sister, Mariclare, and her husband Scott live on nearby St. Simons Island and graciously have offered their home for us to stay at while they go to Florida for a couple of weeks. Depending on the final decisions by the marina what repairs are going to be necessary and how long they will take, we will either take them up on this offer or return home to do some spring projects there as it now appears we may barely be back in time for summer opening so that would get us a bit ahead of the game. And then return to the south once the boat is ready.

 So Thursday evening we went to the Mariclare and Scott’s house for cocktails (and to watch the end of the Michigan State victory) and then to meet some of their friends at another person’s condo, several of whom also live in Traverse City during the summer months. One of the most amazing connections was with fellow boaters Vic and Betty Peirce; as Vic grew up in Cindy’s home town of Hinsdale about the same time so we had lots of fun describing homes we lived in and other “do you know” connections. Saturday we went to M & S house for an amazing Mexican buffet dinner (favorite were a layered guacamole dip with beans, Mexican rice of Mariclare’s and a red lentil hummus from V & B). Three of the ladies there were in the same sorority as Cindy, Pi Beta Phi, so secret handshakes went around; and just generally a fun time.

 Friday night we went to see the movie “Into the Woods” – quirky and interesting but didn’t live up to the hype. We then went to the first Friday street party in Brunswick with music in the park next to one of our favorite local places, Tipsy McSways (home of the green gobbler and an amazing angus burger). Then Sunday it was more cleaning and football (sad loss by Detroit to Dallas, thus missing an opportunity to face off with Green Bay). And tonight the group from Saturday is coming over to the boat for cocktails. So Being in Brunswick ain’t so Bad afterall.