Thursday, April 2, 2015

No April Fools

April 1 No April First Fooling our boat is finally performing well after 5 days in Savannah getting the alternator problem correctly diagnosed and repaired. We left last Friday and spent several nights at beautiful anchorages with an overnight at Hilton Head’s Harbortown marina and an afternoon of golf. Then on to Georgetown with several more overnights in the marshes and a day sail on Charleston Bay waiting for the tide to rise enough to make it through a shallow area near Isle of Palms. It is amazing just how many areas of concern there are and we have several more to go in the next five days, so we plan our times of being on the water to correspond as best we can with a rising tide. However, we are at a bit of an awkward time as the sun comes up around 7 and high tides are an early 8-9a or pm after sunset for the next several days in SC heading to NC; but then get more midday allowing for greater distances just as we get to the sounds where it won’t matter as much. All thrown off by our unexpected delay in the additional repairs but we are still on schedule for reaching our Chesapeake destination by May 1.

After several nights at anchor the shower was great and we celebrated with a shrimp po'boy "dinner" at Big Tuna's while Pounce watched over the boat.

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