Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Jersey Coast Overnight Leg

Our second day on the road back to Atlantic Highlands,NJ was intended to be just a driving and logistic day to rendezvous with friend Ken Queale from Boston, position the truck for storage and then shove off to sea the next day. However, the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday was pretty negative with the approaching low bringing high winds and cold, so instead we took care of logistics and took off around 7 pm for an overnight motor the 120 miles to Cape May.

 The weather just wasn’t going to get any better than it was Thursday night with light northeast winds about 5-10 mph astern in less than 2 ft following seas; but as we were both reasonably exhausted from rushing to get the house closed up and driving two long days it was to say the least a bit stressful on our old bodies. However, a beautiful sight of New York City lights and a half moon until about 11pm really made for an memorable trip. After a Ken procured Italian deli dinner aboard, Cindy took the first watch until about 12:30p with Jay napping on deck to provide a better comfort zone in case of nighttime disorientation (like the unlit fish haven stakes); then it was pretty much Jay and Ken alternating until 6a when Cindy came back on duty .

Two Old Salts

 We arrived around 11 am in Cape May and obtained a slip at Utsch’s marina after filling the diesel tanks. Ken relaxed on board while Cindy and Jay went out to lunch in celebration of completing the long sail at the Lobster House. Great lobster melt and shrimp salad sandwich. The storm arrived Friday night and blew strong all day Saturday with rain. The decision was made not to even attempt departure until Monday so Ken headed back home with an early in the week commitment, and we took the first day in over two months for complete relaxation. Ken’s a fellow sailor with local knowledge of the NJ coast and inlets and his help was greatly appreciated.
 It’s Sunday and for the first time ever we have connected our cable so that we can watch Sunday football. But before that we took a nice post breakfast (also enjoyed at the Lobster House breakfast cafĂ© nearby, and they have a raw bar, a dcockside snack bar and retail seafood and pastries all in the one complex just two blocks from Utsch's marina) walk into Historic Cape May. So many beautiful Victorian homes like the "Southern Mansion". 
Linden trees on Washington St.

Wind is at times even higher today 25-30 but no rain. We hope to try to leave tomorrow if it abates to a westerly 10-15 as predicted but for sure by Tuesday with light southerlies predicted as we head north to the Delaware – Chesapeake Canal, then Annapolis by Wednesday before the next storm hits Thursday.

  The storm all of our friends back home are experiencing as well, and even more so those in the northeast with snow, was quite a change from the terrific weather we have enjoyed so far. It will be nice to start working our way south to warmer climates over the next few weeks.

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