Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving in Georgetown

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Our greatest thanks was that the fog cleared Tuesday morning enough, that even with rain we could see sufficiently to continue the voyage to one of our favorite areas on the entire ICW. The Waccamaw River
has some development like around Myrtle Beach but some beautifully remote sections as well and we returned to one of our favorite marinas, Osprey. While they have discontinued the grill restaurant service, complimentary pastries and coffee are provided and they give out what is by far the best welcome bag anywhere with shampoo, laundry soap, beer caddie etc and at only $1 /ft – one of the best prices yet for dock space.

 Wednesday’s 30 miles to Georgetown was again most scenic even in the continuing rain and easy to navigate as the river widens. Once docked we enjoyed a riverfront late lunch at the 5 Rivers Tavern, and purchased several bags of the very special Carolina Rice at the
Rice museum as part of our traveling gourmet Christmas gifts to everyone this year, and bought a painting of a pelican to make the boat a bit more homey. The sun finally made an appearance for the first time in at least 5 days, brightening both ours and the cats spirits.
 Today it’s dinner at the Rice Paddy restaurant and a day of cable at the dock football. Go Lions!

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