Saturday, November 8, 2014

Annapolis and Solomons Island

We arrived in Annapolis early Thursday afternoon on a rainy but not windy day, passing under the massive Chesapeake Bay Bridge;


and the terrific folks at Bert Jabin and A & B yacht service immediately began working on the macerator. As with all repairs the project continued into the following am but was completed so we had enough time to rent a car and tour Annapolis. While the work was being done on Thursday we did the classic cruiser errands of water, cat food, propane refill – all the things too heavy to carry back from grocery stories when nearby. The highlight of Friday was walking the campus of the Naval Academy. And Michigan State was playing Navy in basketball the night we were there!! Go GREEN. Also met some Belgians who have been cruising for 3 years and waiting major repairs to their boat at Jabin from a nasty encounter with some rocks when their anchor broke loose.

For dining we enjoyed Sam’s Waterfront the first evening, a healthy .8 mile walk from the marina, with Cuban sliders for Jay and Steak/frites for Cindy treated with a slightly overwhelming balsamic vinegar sauce. Then Friday night was Pusser’s Landing on the mall in Annapolis connected to the Marriott Hotel, a nice throwback to the original in Tortola but just okay food.

 The wind as predicted for Friday did pick back up to gale force winds so we were happy to be in port, and then the temperature dropped dramatically to 40 degrees, and by Saturday morning frost was on the docks. We departed in sunny skies and calm winds for the fairly long trip, about 55 miles, to Solomons Island. The wind picked up midday so for the first time we were able to set the sails, but after about 2 hours it picked up to 16 mph into our face and the Chesapeake waves built, slowing our progress. Another great sign we saw our first pelican today, then 2 more, so southern progress is being made. We have pretty much made the decision that in consideration of the effort to get the boat this far to our selected “cruising grounds” that it is likely we will leave the boat on the Chesapeake over the summer when we return to Traverse City; and then return next fall to do more cruising.

  Patches and Pounce
have times of enjoyment but are mostly just tolerating our lofty cruising goals. Pounce has finally figured there is not need to meow in the middle of the night so we are all sleeping a bit better. Love those kitties.



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Robbie Cooper said...

Can't believe we were so close and yet so far. Jim and I were in Baltimore all that week for my Sweet Adeline Convention. We were in Annapolis on Monday, Nov. 3. If we would have know your schedule (of course, you had no idea on winds or when you would REALLY be there), Maybe we could have "hooked up" for an evening. Having fun reading your blog posts. Safe journeys, my friends!!