Thursday, October 30, 2014

After Jay returned for a week to close down the house, the Ruzaks are back on the road returning to Sandy Hook NJ oddly enough on the two year anniversary of the day hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. Several of the marinas along the Hudson River and beyond are no longer in business because of the damage that storm caused.
 Prior to departing some of the patio furniture brought indoors turned a birdbath into a resting place for a completely different species.
On our first day we voted the Ohio Turnpike service areas some of the best anywhere, and took this photo so Jay's sister in California could see the proof of that claim as Jay was on the phone with her as we stopped.   
 Then it was on to Brookville , PA - a quaint river town near Puksatawny Phil's home where we dined at the Courthouse Pub and Jay indulged in an amazing Italian "Pittsburgh" sandwich where some of the fries are imbedded into the sandwich, and yes he ate it all!!!

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