Saturday, October 11, 2014

Days three and four on the Erie

Having learned to pay better attention to contradictory and sometimes minimal navigation aids we stopped for a pump out and diesel in a fairly narrow channel but managed to spin the boat in reverse into the dock without hitting anything. I did fail to previously mention one of our scarier pump outs and diesel ups at Waddels in Tonawanda where depth perception prevented us from realizing that his dock was in a ‘u shaped’ trough with a floating boathouse behind us and pylons for a bridge in front. Adding in the 30 knot winds forcing us on the dock and a right handed prop that pulls us left in reverse, we had an extremely exciting time de-docking and came within two feet of creating a new window for the houseboat.

  Then while we arrived late in Baldwinsville Friday night, we met some nice local folks on the dock in a trawler (Captain Mike and Admiral Becky) who helped with our docking lines and then we had a terrific dinner at the Lock 24 Grill just a short distance from the dock, and then this morning a true experience at the B’ville Diner
. One of the things we have noticed is the generally reasonable prices at restaurants (a surprise for us considering it is ‘east coast’), which has made us realize how expensive a tourist town we live in of Traverse City. But as before quality consistency is minimal as the diner was a unique place but served boring breads and the hash browns were prepackaged squares like MacDonalds, thus relying obviously on their “cute factor” rather than food quality. It is the first time that Jay has not even eaten one bite of the potatoes, and neither did Cindy. Even the eggs were bland. But the Lock 24 Grill did all very well – one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had and one of the few restaurants that still serves a salad with a main entrĂ©e at no additional charge.  So okay we are foodies and that is what we write about.       

After crossing Lake Oneida, which reminded us of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, and experiencing our only two ascending locks of the trip east on the Erie we have arrived in Rome, NY.
This is the site of the beginning of the Erie Canal construction and Ft. Stanix, but at a mile away from the canal we could not visit and really could have used bikes; but made the decision not to bring them thinking there would be rentals available all along the canal since there are significant lengths of original towpath that are now bikes trails , however, that is not the case. Something to think about adding next time or on our return.

 So tonight a quiet evening along the canal with train whistles frequently heard, but no electric for heat.  Patches and Pounce are into their routines, he sleeps all day on the warm but engine vibrating steps and she loves our bed.
The weather has been wonderful with crisp fall days and little rain so our luck holds so far.

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