Sunday, October 12, 2014

Days 4 and 5 experiences

 And just when we had a perfect day going with no problems, Murphy’s law caught up with us again Saturday night.. Such is life in the fast cruising lanes. After traversing Lake St. Clair, so nice to see open water again,
we stopped up river .

 Our stay at Bellamy Park near where the Mohawk joins the Erie near Ft. Stanix proved eventful as our inverter blew a breaker so until we could find the problem we had no heat as the temp pummeted to 32 degrees. Nothing like waking up to the sight of your own breath under the covers. Then as we left the dock the depth went from 10 to 2 ft in less than the length of the dock, which we now realized were unmarked shoals from the dam. However, it provided yet another stressful learning curve with just one cup of coffee under our belts at 8a. However, the scenery as we progress east is fantastic
with fall color and hills that are the Mohawk River Valley and passed General Herkemer’s mansion ( trivia question for the day, answer to follow).

 We descended the largest drop of any north American, and perhaps the world, lock at lock 17 of 40 ft. Amazing.

 Upon arriving in St. Johnsville Marina Bernie got an electrician to meet us at the doc, Marcel, who diagnosed our inverter issue and we are not warm again and off for dinner at Cosmos - good Cuban sandwiches and personally sliced potatoes for chips.

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