Monday, December 22, 2014

Two weeks in Brunswick and still counting

Our repairs have taken longer than initially predicted partly because damage to the boat from the pounding on the shoal we took had aggravated some additional issues that necessitated removing the propeller shaft and fixing the strut, and we had to order a new windlass that would arrive in several days, plus one of the guys working on the boat got sick for two days. So plan is that all will be finished today, Friday Dec. 19th, and the boat put back in the water to sit for a couple of days after which they will realign the motor again once the boat reshapes itself and we should be off again by Tuesday. So that’s two and a half weeks in Brunswick and instead of Vero Beach by Christmas it will be Fernandina, the most northern most of Florida cities. 

At least we have really gotten to explore this beautiful area,
 and play golf three times.  So here are a couple of scenes from that venue on Jekyll Island,

Including the bar at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel which was featured in a scene from the golf movie 'Bagger Vance'.

 And on our third visit witnessed their fine display of Christmas Lights

                                                                                    and the ICW side Rah Bar.

Meanwhile during our two weeks we have begun a study of fast food establishments, and some other local establishments. So far locally one of the best sandwiches was from Tipsy’s in Brunswick – a Green Gobbler (turkey, avocado, on grilled texas toast, wow), Hungry Hannah’s – average well cared for food preparation at an amazingly reasonable price (owner’s attitude is great as a sign proclaims they will not take your order if you are talking on a cell phone, preferring to wait ) . Others have been so far Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Burger King, IHOP twice since we got bored with the continental breakfast at La Quinta accompanied by barking dogs and screaming children, local Fox Pizza that was better than the much proclaimed Moon Doggy’s pizza, Krystal Burger – sad imitation of White Castle; and saw an original MacDonalds layout,
to the point that one night we actually microwaved frozen tv dinners in the hotel room as a healthier alternative.

 As we were putting the boat in on Friday it was suddenly discovered by the marina that our existing chain would not fit the new windlass, and the amps required a new breaker (first question was of course why did this just get discovered on Friday rather than on Mon. when the unit arrived) so now a new chain had to be ordered and HOPEFULLY will be here on Monday and we can still make our departure Tuesday. If not then we will make do in Brunswick for Christmas. Tonight went on a three peat Sunday football watch at Marsh Grill and met Jimmy Orr at the bar,
Jim Orr on left and friend Larry at Marshside Grill
a received form the 1960s Baltimore Colts and two time Super Bowl winner, and again enjoyed the kitchen staff antics (one a Cowboy fan and another the Steelers).

Meanwhile the cats are still enjoying hotel life, and we put Christmas lights on the Balia to try to join in with the local boaters.

Merry Christmas to all

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