Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in Orlando

Disappointment once again as Monday  came and went with the person doing the work on the boat “unable” to work in the rain and then came Christmas short days so a half day Tuesday when it was discovered the newly ordered chain didn’t fit. But thankfully Dave and Mary in the next slip had the appropriate size (unbelievably the manufacturer’s manual listed the wrong “short” link, and you would think between them, the marina staff, and West Marine someone could have figured the correct linkage spacing out.

   So in order to get away from this very frustrating situation, even though we had our “tree” up
on the boat already, we decided to invoke our motto “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

 In this case a trip to the fantasy worlds of Orlando. So realizing our boat would now not be ready for at least four more days if not more (now approaching the end of 3 weeks!!), off we went to Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Christmas Eve was spent at Universal Islands and Studios for a two park pass so we could ride the Hogwarts Express train between parks,

and go to the new Diagon Alley section. We covered a lot in 10 exhausting hours, ending the day in the New York section watching the Blues Brothers and a Macy’s parade.

 We are stayed at another pet friendly La Quinta right next to the upcoming large ferris wheel being built similar to London’s Big Eye. We are also just awed by the rampant consumerism and prices, such as $4 at Diagon for a small tub of ice cream or water or $16 for a video game at Dave/Busters, $25 for parking and a whopping $134 per person for park entry, but there is a certain Vegas style city that never sleeps excitement at the same time.

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