Saturday, December 13, 2014

Polishing sunsets and golf

 It turns out Pounce was more than stressed with a flare up of his food allergies necessitating a trip to an ER vet, but now four days later he is on the mend with medication. While boat repairs began we took some time to enjoy our coastal surroundings by playing golf at the historical Jekyll Island Club, once the most exclusive private club in the country and now an elegant hotel with resort cottages. Built in the late 1800s the founding members included names of Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Marshall Field.

 Jay enjoyed a nice rusty round, while Cindy was creating some other sport that was some sort of golf hybrid, on the Indian Mounds course – one of 3 on this quiet Island resort.

If there's rocker then Cindy will find it

We then enjoyed the sunset at the local 685 (that’s the ICW mile marker there) restaurant.


 Wednesday and Friday we worked on cleaning/waxing the hull to take advantage of the boat being out of the water, so between that and golf we are two very stiff people today. Today, Saturday we are venturing back out to sightsee on St. Simon, where last night we enjoyed another water spot sunset. Perhaps a repeat , from our first one on Wednesday, visit to Southern Soul BBQ where we enjoyed the best pulled pork sandwich ever at this iconic establishment featured on the Food Network’s diners and dives show.

Sunset on St. Simon Friday, we are thinking of doing an entire series of bar sunset shots

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