Monday, April 9, 2012

Our day in Charleston was all that we desired and more, with shopping at the Market, beautiful street scenes and one of the better historical museum at the Exchange/Provost Prison. While Savannah has more parks scattered throughout its historic district, Charleston's waterfront park is something to behold with cruise ships on one side and statues and water play areas on the other. And of course Jay purchased his traditional Italian ice that was wonderfully flavorful, and Cindy had a second round of shrimp and grits with this one at the Fleet Landing restaurant done in the traditional tasso ham gravy base and stoneground but creamy grits. We then traveled on Easter Sunday, after seeing some pretty unique cross dresses in Charleston's parks, to our final destination of Isle of Palms sailing across Charleston Harbor first past Ft. Sumter. There , as is our tradition on these annual April travels, we watched the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament with a sensational, exciting playoff win by Bubba Watson. This morning we will haul out the boat and begin our journey home with planned visits to Knoxville to see Priscilla and Scott McKenney, and our Indianapolis Bazbeau Pizza group - Kitty and Bob, Ann and Gary and the Joe and Carol.

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