Friday, April 6, 2012

Anchoring out and hard landings

Leaving Beaufort we passed Tidalholm from the water and headed north motorsailing through the Coosaw Asheboro Cut to Tom's Creek for an overnight anchor. After weathering a 30 minute thunderstorm just after we finished setting up the canopy over the poptop, we enjoyed the peace and quiet of the marshes again spotting numerous porpoises, herons and pelicans. Waking to a beautiful dawn but concerned that our gas supply was a bit lower than planned (since winds on the Coosaw were not as helpful as we need to sail only), we diverted out the North Edisto River toward the Atlantic landing at Bohicket Marina on Seabrook Island. The "landing" was a bit bumpier than planned due to a 6 mph current and some unexpected boat traffic that suddenly veered in front of us, causing us to hit a rubber dock fender a bit hard. First time ever for a crash landing with any of our boats so we decided to recouperate with lunch and watching the Masters golf on tv rather than continuing on. Really nice Marina and the bar Red's Ice House had super grouper sandwich , friendly bartender Aaron and guitar player Matt outstanding. We also stayed to wait out a second line of storms more powerful than the one before with lots of lighting for an hour. This morning, Friday, the front is still passing but with just clouds and cold. Tonight we plan to anchor a bit more north to get ready to hit the fast flowing Elliot cut south of Charleston on an early morning flood tide. We have decided that while interesting strategically the extreme tides of 9 ft in this area added to the flooding from the storms and a full moon are taking a bit of the fun out of the trip. Our time in Charleston has now cut down to one versus 3 days , then pull the boat and head home.

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