Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wades Abaco Arrival

The newest episode of “Lost” took place as Cindy and Jay took a virtual Hawaii Five – O video of the 4pm Marsh Harbor to Hopetown Ferry to capture the very arrival of our friends the Wades from Lowell Michigan; scaring the skipper of the ferry who likely thought he was being pursued by terrorists only to discover that there were but three passengers on the boat and there wasn’t a Wade amongst them. Meanwhile on Elbow Cay surveying coconut trees and curly tail lizards at the Harboredge Bar were Amy and Brad at the dock waiting for US!! Having been dropped off by the 2pm ferry (since their complete airline schedule had deviated from anything resembling the original plan) at the wrong dock at the North End (for those who don’t know about one mile to town); they befriended complete strangers (to those of you who know them this is probably no surprise ) who came to rescue them and delivereth them forth to the somewhat correct location where they were finally united with Cindy and Jay (as seen in the foursome photo). The next day provided some terrific rain-drenched scenery from the top of the Hopetown Lighthouse, and our arrival on the Sunsail boat (that’s A & B in the cockpit of the newly christened yacht “AMBRA” in Marsh Harbor) where we experienced “Fire in de hole erotic rum” with umbrella providing minimal protection from the elements (as seen in photo of large cherry)

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