Monday, March 8, 2010

Cindy's 60th Birthday Celebration winter trip

We have initiated stage one of the B Vacation Celebration Invitation Itineraries, and Rab and Charles were positioned in the car with sunglasses at the ready position.

On our way to the March 11th birthday celebration at the Beachcomber resort in Pompano Beach, which will be followed by a Bahama Beach bash on March 15th in the Abacos, we stopped first in Indianapolis to visit friends Kitty (bathrobe bathing beauty after a night of Canary Tweeting) and Bob Parrin, Ann and Gary Mills

(that's Jay waving hi and bye to an out of action due to illness Gary's place of employment as we leave town), and Jim and Robbie Cooper.

On the way through Lexington we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants just to get a loaf of their world famous cornbread, wth a side of black bean/cubed roast beef chili with sour cream and chives. Heaven!

That evening found us in Johnson City, Tennessee at the home of Marilyn Wolcott where she surprised us with her homemade cornbread and chilli. What are the odds of that,
and the next day on our way to rendezvousing with Dean and Laura Johnson we pulled over at a rest stop and enjoyed the remaining DeSha chili and a combination of cornbreads. If anyone is counting that's three straight meals of the exact same gas inducing food. It's certainly a new record of repetition for us.

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Anonymous said...

Amy and I are counting down the days. 9 to go. We're looking forward to sailing the Bahamas with you two. Just promise me,, no Black Bean soup while we're on the boat. LOL.