Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter wonderland in TC

Not totally surprisingly but disappointing the boat repairs have been delayed even further so the Bahamas are pretty much out of the realm of possibilities for this winter. However, with luck the boat should be finished by the end of this week and we will return to Brunswick, GA. Then maybe a few days a bit south to Fernandina and Jacksonville, then it's head back north so the boat can be on the Chesapeake by May 1 to charter for the summer out there. Then we will go back next fall to again attempt the voyage.
 In the meantime we have enjoyed the cold weather as best we can, taking a walk out on frozen Grand Traverse Bay at the end of the Old Mission Peninsula yesterday.

The bay only freezes about once every 7 years and now we have had two winters in a row with most of the Great Lakes completely frozen. The downside of this beauty is that our grapevines are taking a major hit, with just a 25% crop last year and now in danger of complete die back to the ground so we start from scratch.

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