Sunday, April 4, 2010

Train, buses, automobiles and ferries Part 1

Train to RDU and bus to Wilmington then Ferry to Bald Head Island. During our 6 hour layover in Raleigh connecting from Amtrak to Greyhound methods of transportation we walked the streets of downtown Raleigh to discover a QT biker benefit (that’s Queen’s Together) and chatted with “007” and “???”(forgive me guys but I will have to fill the rest in later when I find the piece of paper on which I wrote your names) of the Decepkion Biker Club. Phenomenal noise as 150 bikes left the Convention Center, with only one showoff hitting a streetpole. As we waited forager Jay was magically drawn to a Krispy Kreme for a bite of lemon filled nirvana. We then walked back to the train station to collect our luggage (no they didn’t lose it this time) stopping at the Mexican restaurant we had briefly visited on our way south , Ibarra’s, for a terrific authentic lunch and a great conversation with bartender Ted who had been on the same cruise boat our friends Dean and Laura had been on last month just one week before them ( SMALL WORLD). After my diatribe on the bathroom experience of the train in reserved coach, I will leave our bus experience to your imagination. Except let me say that there are still people in the world who need to comprehend the term “waiting in line”.

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